Most exchange programs are one-size-fits all.  Typically, a high price means no bill back (flat rate) but offer little value compared to the service you actually need.  A low price ultimately means a usurious bill back invoice and huge core charges. When it comes to life-limited components, the fear of receiving an older unit is always present (and likely).

CGS works smarter.  Only a company so focused on compressed gas systems can offer a tailored, fair approach to exchanging aircraft oxygen, fire, and pneumatic equipment.

Here’s how it works:

We quote based on what you need, not what’s on the shelf.  This means fire bottles are quoted with or without cartridges, oxygen bottles with new or used cylinders, and pneumatic bottles in various life stages. Life limited items are prorated upfront, so no more wondering what you’ll receive! This puts you in control and offers the most value for the dollar, period.

However, most of our stock rotables come with all life limited items (cylinders, squibs, cartridges, masks, etc.) in zero-time (New) condition.  For the same price of an exchange from others, you receive a true zero-time unit.  When is the last time you received a new component for your mid-life one on exchange?

When it comes to core returns, no one is more fair.  You never pay for expired components or standard overhaul parts.  Any damaged or missing items are charged at the normal replacement price, as if your unit was brought in for repair.  We don’t charge for labor and you will never have a markup from a 3rd party.  We are transparent in our findings, including a full Work Order report and pictures documenting findings for every core.

Search our extensive inventory of oxygen, fire, and pneumatic assemblies and get ready to enjoy a whole new exchange experience!

Lockton Companies

“Exceptional service at a great value”

Jennifer Gamon, President and CEO, CAPS Aviation

“CGS is one of the most dependable and competitively priced companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with.  I have been working with Brian for over 15 years and am thankful to be able to work with such a reliable vendor. “

Elizabeth G, Jet Harbor Inc., Ft. Lauderdale

“CGS has helped us save time and lowered our repair costs for all our fire bottle, oxygen and pneumatic repairs. With free pickup and delivery and no AOG fees they have become our preferred vendor for these services.”

Vanessa Pereira, Presidential Aviation, Inc.

“ Every time I need an exchange, I call CGS first. No one has more bottle inventory! ”