We Stock a Lot of Inventory

Solutions are our business, and that means having the right part at the right time.  No one else can stock such a variety of aircraft compressed gas equipment because no one else focuses on it like we do.  We are the first call for many MROs, FBOs, airlines, owners, and operators because we have what you need or know where to get it.

CGS has an extensive inventory of oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, oxygen valves, and oxygen cylinder regulator assemblies.  We are an authorized distributor for FAA-PMA oxygen cylinders that have the most eligibility approvals and lowest cost.

We stock the most common aircraft fire extinguishers, aircraft fire bottles, fire bottle squibs, and fire extinguisher cartridges.

We also carry an extensive line of oxygen and nitrogen aircraft ground support equipment, including high pressure lines, fittings, connectors, and booster pumps.

Expendables: PMA Cylinders & Squibs

We have a large inventory of PMA oxygen and pneumatic cylinders and fire bottle squibs (cartridges) in stock on both US coasts.  Orders typically ship same day.

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Rotables:  Oxygen, Fire, and Pneumatic Assemblies

No one has a larger selection of exchange and outright equipment ready to go or overhauled for your order. We even accept expired oxygen bottle cores and expired cartridges on fire bottles!

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