Our growing aircraft component repair company is looking for a full-time Accounting Assistant/Clerk.  We are part of a family-owned and operated company with locations in California, Florida, and Texas. We offer substantial room for professional development, due to our rapid growth.


Job Characteristics

Accountants at our company work closely with the Customer Service team to achieve the goal of complete customer satisfaction. Those who excel in this role build positive and collaborative relationships with customers, vendors, and company management to make their lives easier. We work on our tasks efficiently and thoroughly to ensure important data is recorded, analyzed, and stored for quick access, when needed.


Our job is important to the success of the company by ensuring payments are made on time, receivables are processed efficiently, and data can flow quickly to decision makers. As an increasingly a “paperless” company, we highly value your computer and technology skills!


Duties/tasks include, but not limited to:

Reconciling bank and credit card statements

Acting as a liaison with customers and vendors

Processing payments and cash receipts

Assistance with collections

Create sales, profit, and other financial reports



Qualified candidates will have at least two years of experience in an accounting-related position with a preference for those who have a certificate or Associates degree in Accounting.


How to Apply:

Please copy and paste the link below to complete the Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment. Set aside 5-10 uninterrupted minutes for completion, although you have unlimited time to complete the assessment once it is started. This assessment does not measure intelligence, education or experience. It simply measures work and communication needs. Thoughtful completion is necessary to consider you for a position within our company.




Afterwards, please also submit your resume to info@cgs.aero