COVID-19 Announcement

To our wonderful customers and stakeholders:

Compressed Gas Systems remains vigilant in monitoring and reacting swiftly to the outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the world. We understand that the recent announcement of greater travel restrictions will greatly affect aviation here and abroad.

CGS will continue operations as normal, while taking all necessary steps to protect our employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

We have placed our assets and other resources in a state of readiness and we are standing by to support the industry if there is a need for increased medical transportation, corporate travel, evacuation, and other necessary air travel. We pride ourselves as experts in this field with unparalleled experience in these markets.You can trust CGS to continue to support your operation during this unstable time from our locations in Los Alamitos, CA and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Best Regards,

Brian Tyminski

Compressed Gas Systems, LLC