Customers from around the world count on our company to quickly and accurately repair critical aircraft emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, and pneumatic systems, for all types of airplanes. We are part of a family-owned and operated company with locations in Florida and California and offer substantial room for professional development, due to our rapid growth.

Customer Service Representatives at our company provide an important link between the customer and maintenance process by preparing work estimates and quotes, coordinating work with shop supervisors, entering orders quickly and accurately, and ensuring payments are processed. After orders are complete, we are responsible for auditing and storing an array of maintenance records per stringent aviation quality standards.

We know we are doing a great job when we recognize and remember customer requirements, can find and fix details before quotes go to the customer, and meet strict deadlines that ensure corporate jets, medivac aircraft, firefighting airplanes, and commercial airliners get back in the air ASAP.

Most of our work is performed in an aviation software system called Quantum Control by Component Control. It’s important to be very accurate with data entry because a mistake in our work creates bottlenecks and slowdowns downstream. We also spend a lot of time on the phone talking to customers with questions about incoming and in-house orders. Everyone in this industry appreciates accurate information quickly, so they can take quick action on their side. It’s important to be able to utilize the software system to get these answers for them on the fly.

Culture is as important to us, as it is to you. As part of our goal of ensuring employees fit the CGS family and the specific role you are interested in, please complete the brief survey found at the link below. It will take about 6 uninterrupted minutes to complete and will be required to consider your application.

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