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  • Written by Brian Tyminski
  • May 8th, 2012

"Tell Us When You Want It"

  • Brian Tyminski
  • cgsaero
  • 2012/05/08
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I hope you enjoy this look into our little corner of the aviation world. I plan on sharing some lighthearted humor, technical discussion, tips for reducing costs, and other topics that will entertain and educate.

As General Manager and Chief Inspector at Tym’s, I found that the question asked most often by customers was “when can I get it?” My response more often than not was “tell me when you want it.” Not often in this industry do you hear such things and, I admit, I enjoyed how it caught people off guard.

At CGS, I plan on living by that statement and creating a culture in the organization to make it a reality. Of course, there are limits. So please don’t say you’ll wait outside while we hammer a date on your oxygen bottle! People have asked, believe it or not. The point is we understand you need to get your plane back into the air and we are committed to making that happen within the constraints at hand. Please understand, however, that in no case will we sacrifice quality for speed. Having the right skills, holding the right parts, and knowing the right people seems to save enough time in itself, even if it means hooking you up with an exchange unit somewhere else. Perhaps you’ll come back next time and give us another shot.

I hate AOG fees, so there will be none of that either.

My first job in the aviation world was as a broker (er, expediter… broker is a bad word now) for a few Japanese airlines. I couldn’t get over how some vendors could so blindly gouge a good customer. (Not that AOG’s don’t have a place in our industry but they are so often abused – on both sides.) Please don’t plaster “AOG” in red ink on every PO for an aircraft stripped to the core, and you have my word that when it really matters, we’ll get it done morning, noon, or night. Straight overtime labor is all we ask for those times when you just have to fly.

Also a quick note to the person who made this endeavor a reality in so many respects both personally and professionally: John Lanham. The person who taught me everything, bless his soul.

-Brian Tyminski