As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) continue to turn the screws on operators and independent repair stations, it’s impossible to ignore the significant savings Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) replacement parts provide. That’s not even considering the advantages of stock availability and superior design.

The stigma of PMA’s as being inferior knock-offs has finally become a notion of the past.  More airlines, leasing companies, and operators are enjoying the rewards of savvy industry-insiders finding the replacement options that matter most.

But what about general aviation?  Traditionally, the PMA process has been focused on large passenger aircraft to make the approval process a profitable endeavor.

CGS specializes in corporate aircraft, so we have been working diligently to identify items that can save the most time, money, and hassle.  These include Kevlar, Carbon, and Steel oxygen cylinders and fire bottle cartridges (squibs).  Here are some of the best values in corporate aviation right now:

Description: Cartridge (Squib)

P/N: M446582-1, M446582-2, M446582-3

Eligible For: Gulfstream G200

NHA: 473779-3, 473779-4 Fire Bottles

After many years of paying out the nose for these fire bottle cartridges, there’s finally an answer for G200 operators.  Developed by a long-standing aircraft pyrotechnics experts, these cartridges will save over 50% vs. the OEM!

Note: Look for CGS to have stock from the first run soon!

Description: Cylinder Assembly, Carbon Fiber

P/N: N23D-805984-15

Eligible For: Gulfstream G-IV

NHA: 805983-15 Oxygen Cylinder and Regulator Assembly

Made on the same assembly line as every OEM cylinder (there’s only one factory!) it’s easy to enjoy saving almost 40% on this Carbon Fiber DOT-SP10945 replacement cylinder.  These are now eligible for the Gulfstream G-IV and will be soon for other large cabin Gulfstream Aircraft.  Finally, an option better than replacing the entire 805983-15 assembly and none of the box rental and return!

Note: CGS now has these in-stock and can overhaul and replace the cylinder on your expired assembly in 3-4 days!